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Application of eight elements in life

Tai Chi you might want to know how to pick a car that fits theirrequirements and is consistent with their lucky color car, here what aboutcars with the five elements: to provide for membersreference.
1, five elements from the color car. According to the Chinese traditionalcolors distinguish the five elements, such as color is usually white, cream,champagne. Silver car is King: colorsBlue, green, dark green cars belong towood: color is black. Blue, dark grey cars for water: the color of red,purple, wine red for fire; color is yellow, beige car is a dependentterritory. Different elements should select the colors of the five elements.
2, shape elements of the car. Car‘s shape is different, it is belonging ofthe five elements is not the same. Generally speaking, any car with angularelements for gold, such as Cadillac; car with elongated-shaped elements forwood; cars with round elements for water, such as the Beatles, whatever thecar with pointed elements for the fire, such as streamlined sports cars;cars with square elements for soil, such as SUVs and the like.
3, from the regional element of the car. Cars from different countries havedifferent properties of the five elements, for example, United States five elements of gold, Germany five line of fire, Japan five lines of limu,Chinese five elements are Earth, some European cars element is water.Therefore, when selecting their car, from your own point of view to select adifferent country of the five elements of the car.
4, from the perspective of brand elements of the car. Different brands ofcars of different grades and levels. Different brands have differentcollations of the five elements, such as: five line of wood are: Lincoln,Jaguar, Lotus, Ford, Chevrolet, Suzuki. Mitsubishi. Renault. Land Rover:fire: Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin and Bentley. Nissan, Hummer:dependent territories: Rolls-Royce. Lamborghini, mini, Volkswagen, Mazda,Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc: is gold: Mercedes-Benz, Spyker, Maserati, Saab,Cadillac, Buick, Peugeot, Citroen, etc; water are: Audi, Opel, Volvo,mercury and Rover.
When we see a Rolls Royce on the front, with the classical style of theflying goddess statue, immediately associate with the dignity and honor ofthe car; vacated when we see a horse leaping horse logo with red tornadoroaring, Ferrari that represents the symbol of modern racing culture, willemerge we head. Different car represent different culturalbackgrounds, using a different brand of car embodies the individual status.We can with himself of lucky color or fiscal Yu color to select for himself of car color, also can from shape Yu producer of five to consider, also can consider different of car car standard or Crystal brand different of five property, if can understand each a car brand or car standard of five property, and consider to brand of five and color of five both Zhijian mutual of relationship, makes they can phase phase and, and for I by with, for I brings peace lucky.
China has always been safe, Geely‘s practices. Found as early as thousandsof years ago the ancient jade winged beast of ki, so they wear jade stonesused to adjust the body‘s energy aura of nature. We‘ve seen the emperor at all times and, in the most distinguished symbol of Crown is inlaid with hugejewels, symbol of the highest power of Scepter inlaid with precious stones,gem is a symbol of dignity and power. Because the gem itself embodies theenergy of Cosmos for eons, and aura, its magnetic field can be adjustedwithin the human body aura balance of yin and Yang, to calm people down.Great help improve human health, so gem cut throat public people like.