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The qualities of a successful businessman should have

1 have pattern
Broad – minded, not affected by some people, generous, such a person, you can do executives, which is called the pattern
2 sunshine state of mind
Don’t put negative information to work with, not to bad information to social platform, but to learn how to the bad information, digest, adhere to the sunshine state of mind, sudden impact, the youth have all, show it to the society, so live in the present, live in interesting.
To be a role model, and then do the management
3 do first example, to do the management, to the first line to a new life, so the only direct others. He did not dare to be, according to the system to do, always be an armchair strategist. That is to happen sooner or later.
4 the heart has the ideal, with spring
Target, action, work conscientiously, step by step, although the road is long, is not true, it is not fraud, serious construction system, step by step mission. It is only with the heart that one ideal, to blossom.
5 respect a penny
Let you look down a penny, you can earn big money, not all of a sudden the money earned, but a little bit to accumulate, you know the significance of the penny, will become the real rich men.
6 Insist
Insist, is doomed to lonely wandering, questioned the ridicule, also just as well.
Even if to prop up the strong covered all over with cuts and bruises.

Application of eight elements in life

Tai Chi you might want to know how to pick a car that fits theirrequirements and is consistent with their lucky color car, here what aboutcars with the five elements: to provide for membersreference.
1, five elements from the color car. According to the Chinese traditionalcolors distinguish the five elements, such as color is usually white, cream,champagne. Silver car is King: colorsBlue, green, dark green cars belong towood: color is black. Blue, dark grey cars for water: the color of red,purple, wine red for fire; color is yellow, beige car is a dependentterritory. Different elements should select the colors of the five elements.
2, shape elements of the car. Car‘s shape is different, it is belonging ofthe five elements is not the same. Generally speaking, any car with angularelements for gold, such as Cadillac; car with elongated-shaped elements forwood; cars with round elements for water, such as the Beatles, whatever thecar with pointed elements for the fire, such as streamlined sports cars;cars with square elements for soil, such as SUVs and the like.
3, from the regional element of the car. Cars from different countries havedifferent properties of the five elements, for example, United States five elements of gold, Germany five line of fire, Japan five lines of limu,Chinese five elements are Earth, some European cars element is water.Therefore, when selecting their car, from your own point of view to select adifferent country of the five elements of the car.
4, from the perspective of brand elements of the car. Different brands ofcars of different grades and levels. Different brands have differentcollations of the five elements, such as: five line of wood are: Lincoln,Jaguar, Lotus, Ford, Chevrolet, Suzuki. Mitsubishi. Renault. Land Rover:fire: Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin and Bentley. Nissan, Hummer:dependent territories: Rolls-Royce. Lamborghini, mini, Volkswagen, Mazda,Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc: is gold: Mercedes-Benz, Spyker, Maserati, Saab,Cadillac, Buick, Peugeot, Citroen, etc; water are: Audi, Opel, Volvo,mercury and Rover.
When we see a Rolls Royce on the front, with the classical style of theflying goddess statue, immediately associate with the dignity and honor ofthe car; vacated when we see a horse leaping horse logo with red tornadoroaring, Ferrari that represents the symbol of modern racing culture, willemerge we head. Different car represent different culturalbackgrounds, using a different brand of car embodies the individual status.We can with himself of lucky color or fiscal Yu color to select for himself of car color, also can from shape Yu producer of five to consider, also can consider different of car car standard or Crystal brand different of five property, if can understand each a car brand or car standard of five property, and consider to brand of five and color of five both Zhijian mutual of relationship, makes they can phase phase and, and for I by with, for I brings peace lucky.
China has always been safe, Geely‘s practices. Found as early as thousandsof years ago the ancient jade winged beast of ki, so they wear jade stonesused to adjust the body‘s energy aura of nature. We‘ve seen the emperor at all times and, in the most distinguished symbol of Crown is inlaid with hugejewels, symbol of the highest power of Scepter inlaid with precious stones,gem is a symbol of dignity and power. Because the gem itself embodies theenergy of Cosmos for eons, and aura, its magnetic field can be adjustedwithin the human body aura balance of yin and Yang, to calm people down.Great help improve human health, so gem cut throat public people like.

Demonstration effect strategy

Demonstration effect strategy
Li Zebin: enterprises can also take the demonstration effect strategy, select the focus of breakthrough. To point, so in line with the surface. First start and do a good job in a part of the retail terminal, give full play to the demonstration effect, to establish the confidence in other retail terminal of flourishing to sell products and to point to start to pull replenishment.
To the point of the promotion to drive the distribution
In 1998 a small dairy enterprises in Wuhan replenishment encountered great resistance, some marketing staff in a week’s time, only to the retail terminal spread out two bags of milk powder. The country has not accepted the retailer does not accept the brand name of the brand, that the product is certainly not good sales. According to this theory, the company forced fast adjustment strategy, take “to the point of promotion to drive west distribution distribution strategy”. That is to select the location of the good, people flow more than the supermarket as a point, the supermarket without the purchase, the enterprise itself with the product, but the venue rental supermarket, direct sales promotion for consumers. And all the difference between the sale of the product to the supermarket. So for several large-scale field promotion. Effect is very good
Supermarkets are also very happy. On the one hand to bring the flow of people. Increase the income, on the other hand, the supermarket also view the sales of this product is also good. In this way, the goods into the supermarket to the natural water to pick up. At the same time, to the surrounding the supermarket replenishment and newspaper quickly spread in place, this “to the sale promotion driven surface replenishment strategy achieved very good results.
The establishment of model shop to reduce the resistance distribution
A cosmetics company in the distribution process, take Jianye model shop way to reduce the resistance distribution. In each area, according to the ratio of 10 to 1 ratio, location selection, relatively large community retail stores, by providing appropriate amount of bedding, prepare all products and packaging store, the production of signs, and “XX products designated outlets” and other means of key is uniquely and establish a model shop, the sales situation good. After a period of time, other retail stores are actively looking for the door to the distribution of the product.
Yang Ronghua, master terminal leader is actually an effective model effect strategy. So what is the “terminal leader”? “Terminal leader” is a large, long operating time, the other channel members have the influence of the retailer, “terminal leader” is the main object of other retailers to emulate. Products to enter the market, with the terminal leader “in the field of circulation influence and prestige, to reduce resistance to replenishment, the new market is so of the operation.

Distribution reward strategy

Distribution reward strategy

Chen Jun: facing the replenishment resistance, enterprises can also take evasive strategies, another way, often also can greatly improve the speed of the replenishment. For example, in the distribution channels, avoid competition and mining new terminal outlets, to open up new sales channels. To increase the speed of products to enter the market. Such as “recoverable” and “Duracell” in this respect has made some useful explorations, it is worthy of our reference. We look at the case:

He Junhui said: in the face of resistance, the enterprise can also avoid competition in the choice of distribution time. Most of the product sales pale busy season, when the majority of enterprises have chosen season replenishment, you can turn in the opposite direction, choose the off-season replenishment, so as to avoid season fierce competition.

On the one hand, the new brand for the new city. If with competing products to recklessly, is also very likely to “touch the head broken and bleeding”. And off-season competition is relatively weak, the competitors are in her energies, in advertising and promotion are not big action, product into the market resistance is relatively small.
On the other hand, the off-season to enter the market. Also for the hot season to do the bedding. If in the coming season began distribution, to be completed when the distribution has entered the off-season. The golden age will miss popular.

High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal

High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal, I think there is a reason, that is high replenishment rate is conducive to stimulate consumers to buy random.

As we all know, the consumer’s purchase action can be divided into the planned purchase and impulse purchase, especially for fast consumer goods, consumer impulse purchase accounted for a large proportion. If the products are high in the terminal distribution rate, consumers can easily purchase products. Can stimulate consumers to buy the random. In this way, the higher the replenishment rate will increase the products in the terminal sales opportunities, improve Pu retail point of the goods rate of this random purchase type products is essential.
Chen: in addition to increase products outside the terminal sales opportunities. Pu has diverted retail shop limited funds and shelf resources. Why do you say that?

The distribution, crowding out retail limited funds. So that the retail store to use limited funds to buy your business products, so you can reduce the purchase of competition.

Second. The distribution is diverted to the retail store shelves co.. At present, the shelf has become a kind of valuable terminal resources, many companies are trying to find ways to make their products placed on the shelves of retail stores, and try to get a larger display area, better display position. Because of the retail store display space is extremely limited, so if you occupy more of the retail store shelves, also is equal to the diverted to the terminal position of competitors so you do not seize more opportunities for sales of the?

Moderator: in addition to the previous points quite to the outside, I think the distribution itself also has the efficacy of AD. It is because the implementation of the sales of trade, to make the product on display in the retail terminal, to make the product has the opportunity to contact with consumers and communication, not to help improve the visibility of the product?

Product itself is the best advertising. That is to say, the replenishment itself with advertising effect, and compared to the mass media, cost 4 low also can the more accurate and more effective influence of target customers.

Coca-Cola’s 22 sales channels

Host: as the P & G is called in the sales training manual. “The best products in the world, even if there is the best advertising support, unless consumers can buy them at the point of sale, simply do not go out.”
He Junhui: Coca – Cola every day around the world sold the drink is 10 billion cups, which with the company, such as dense cobweb sales outlets is inseparable. Coca Cola Co that is to expand the product distribution, the consumption in any place to buy Coca-Cola. The Coca Cola Co’s belief is that there is a place where people will be thirsty, and they will have a desire to buy. If you can provide the most convenient way to buy, you can really occupy the market.
In order to make the products everywhere, Coca Cola to sales channels subdivided into 22 kinds, and each channel has a person responsible for the distribution, thus greatly improving the product sales opportunities
Moderator; can you please give details of the sale of Coca Cola channels are 22 channels?
He Junhui; Coca-Cola’s 22 sales channels are:
(1) the traditional food retail channels;
(2) supermarket channels;
(3) the channel of the fair market;
(4) the grocery store channels: such as convenience stores, convenience stores, smoke miscellaneous stores, mom and pop stores, kiosks and other; channels, the distribution of a wide range, operating time is longer, the
(5) department store channel;
(6) shopping and service channels:
(7) restaurant channels!
(8) fast food channel;
(9) Heng Road vendors for pedestrian channel, mainly to provide products and services, to drink as the main mode of consumption;
(10) channels of industrial and mining enterprises;
(11) office organization channel;
(12) military barracks channel;
(13) tertiary institutions:
(14) primary and secondary school channels;
(15) on the job education channel;
(16) sports fitness channel:
(17) entertainment venues;
(18) traffic window channels;
(19) Hotel Hotel channel;
(20) tourist attractions channels;
(21) the third party consumer channels: that wholesalers, wholesale markets, wholesale center, the commodity exchange to wholesale business as the main form of beverage sales channels, the channels are not consumer facing, but commodity Takizawa in part I
(22) other channels: refers to the various trade fairs, food fair, bazaars, temple fair, a variety of promotional activities other beverage sales forms and places.

No distribution, no sales

No distribution, no sales

Moderator: marketing is the most important issue is to solve the problem of consumer products and meet the, then ask for so that consumers are willing to buy, and replenishment is marketing activities to solve the first problem, that is, to solve the problem of consumer products and meet.

As we all know, the listing of new products must first solve the problem of distribution, which has become the most basic knowledge of marketing, product distribution for the listing of new products is a necessary work, in addition, replenishment is not just in the listing of new products use more, sometimes the old product also replenishment to improve terminal meet rate.

The terminal of the shelf resources limited, new products and endless, although the replenishment is very important, but did not you blame replenishment can the goods smoothly laid down. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, product awareness is not high, the promotion expenses of the enterprise is very limited, terminal distribution always meet a lot of resistance. Today we’ll discuss the problem of terminal distribution.
Whether the goods Pu products are very important for new products or old products, it is an essential work of the. For example. When the products go on the market, need to use the distribution to create opportunities to meet with consumers. When the product is gradually entering the mature stage, the need for increased sales by distribution; when the product into the decline stage. To enhance the terminal meet ratio through replenishment; in the off-season into the season and need replenishment to seize the terminal base; in the season into the off-season, or to through distribution to Paul in the long off-season products display.

Because if your product replenishment is not in place, replenishment rate is low, so your products can not be more and consumers meet, sales opportunities also impossible, product in the warehouse is unable to produce sales opportunities.

Products only occupy the terminal point of sale, and consumers meet, it is possible to buy. It is for this reason. The primary task of the sales job is to put the product on the shelves, so that consumers can easily buy; not only that, but also try to increase the display of products in the retail store, increase the exposure of the product, so that consumers can easily see。

If consumers want to buy, then the business will lose the opportunity to sell. One of the means of promoting the sales of the enterprise. Is to increase the intensity distribution, improve the product in the terminal point of sale distribution rate.