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Coca-Cola’s 22 sales channels

Host: as the P & G is called in the sales training manual. “The best products in the world, even if there is the best advertising support, unless consumers can buy them at the point of sale, simply do not go out.”
He Junhui: Coca – Cola every day around the world sold the drink is 10 billion cups, which with the company, such as dense cobweb sales outlets is inseparable. Coca Cola Co that is to expand the product distribution, the consumption in any place to buy Coca-Cola. The Coca Cola Co’s belief is that there is a place where people will be thirsty, and they will have a desire to buy. If you can provide the most convenient way to buy, you can really occupy the market.
In order to make the products everywhere, Coca Cola to sales channels subdivided into 22 kinds, and each channel has a person responsible for the distribution, thus greatly improving the product sales opportunities
Moderator; can you please give details of the sale of Coca Cola channels are 22 channels?
He Junhui; Coca-Cola’s 22 sales channels are:
(1) the traditional food retail channels;
(2) supermarket channels;
(3) the channel of the fair market;
(4) the grocery store channels: such as convenience stores, convenience stores, smoke miscellaneous stores, mom and pop stores, kiosks and other; channels, the distribution of a wide range, operating time is longer, the
(5) department store channel;
(6) shopping and service channels:
(7) restaurant channels!
(8) fast food channel;
(9) Heng Road vendors for pedestrian channel, mainly to provide products and services, to drink as the main mode of consumption;
(10) channels of industrial and mining enterprises;
(11) office organization channel;
(12) military barracks channel;
(13) tertiary institutions:
(14) primary and secondary school channels;
(15) on the job education channel;
(16) sports fitness channel:
(17) entertainment venues;
(18) traffic window channels;
(19) Hotel Hotel channel;
(20) tourist attractions channels;
(21) the third party consumer channels: that wholesalers, wholesale markets, wholesale center, the commodity exchange to wholesale business as the main form of beverage sales channels, the channels are not consumer facing, but commodity Takizawa in part I
(22) other channels: refers to the various trade fairs, food fair, bazaars, temple fair, a variety of promotional activities other beverage sales forms and places.