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Demonstration effect strategy

Demonstration effect strategy
Li Zebin: enterprises can also take the demonstration effect strategy, select the focus of breakthrough. To point, so in line with the surface. First start and do a good job in a part of the retail terminal, give full play to the demonstration effect, to establish the confidence in other retail terminal of flourishing to sell products and to point to start to pull replenishment.
To the point of the promotion to drive the distribution
In 1998 a small dairy enterprises in Wuhan replenishment encountered great resistance, some marketing staff in a week’s time, only to the retail terminal spread out two bags of milk powder. The country has not accepted the retailer does not accept the brand name of the brand, that the product is certainly not good sales. According to this theory, the company forced fast adjustment strategy, take “to the point of promotion to drive west distribution distribution strategy”. That is to select the location of the good, people flow more than the supermarket as a point, the supermarket without the purchase, the enterprise itself with the product, but the venue rental supermarket, direct sales promotion for consumers. And all the difference between the sale of the product to the supermarket. So for several large-scale field promotion. Effect is very good
Supermarkets are also very happy. On the one hand to bring the flow of people. Increase the income, on the other hand, the supermarket also view the sales of this product is also good. In this way, the goods into the supermarket to the natural water to pick up. At the same time, to the surrounding the supermarket replenishment and newspaper quickly spread in place, this “to the sale promotion driven surface replenishment strategy achieved very good results.
The establishment of model shop to reduce the resistance distribution
A cosmetics company in the distribution process, take Jianye model shop way to reduce the resistance distribution. In each area, according to the ratio of 10 to 1 ratio, location selection, relatively large community retail stores, by providing appropriate amount of bedding, prepare all products and packaging store, the production of signs, and “XX products designated outlets” and other means of key is uniquely and establish a model shop, the sales situation good. After a period of time, other retail stores are actively looking for the door to the distribution of the product.
Yang Ronghua, master terminal leader is actually an effective model effect strategy. So what is the “terminal leader”? “Terminal leader” is a large, long operating time, the other channel members have the influence of the retailer, “terminal leader” is the main object of other retailers to emulate. Products to enter the market, with the terminal leader “in the field of circulation influence and prestige, to reduce resistance to replenishment, the new market is so of the operation.