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Distribution reward strategy

Distribution reward strategy

Chen Jun: facing the replenishment resistance, enterprises can also take evasive strategies, another way, often also can greatly improve the speed of the replenishment. For example, in the distribution channels, avoid competition and mining new terminal outlets, to open up new sales channels. To increase the speed of products to enter the market. Such as “recoverable” and “Duracell” in this respect has made some useful explorations, it is worthy of our reference. We look at the case:

He Junhui said: in the face of resistance, the enterprise can also avoid competition in the choice of distribution time. Most of the product sales pale busy season, when the majority of enterprises have chosen season replenishment, you can turn in the opposite direction, choose the off-season replenishment, so as to avoid season fierce competition.

On the one hand, the new brand for the new city. If with competing products to recklessly, is also very likely to “touch the head broken and bleeding”. And off-season competition is relatively weak, the competitors are in her energies, in advertising and promotion are not big action, product into the market resistance is relatively small.
On the other hand, the off-season to enter the market. Also for the hot season to do the bedding. If in the coming season began distribution, to be completed when the distribution has entered the off-season. The golden age will miss popular.

High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal

High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal, I think there is a reason, that is high replenishment rate is conducive to stimulate consumers to buy random.

As we all know, the consumer’s purchase action can be divided into the planned purchase and impulse purchase, especially for fast consumer goods, consumer impulse purchase accounted for a large proportion. If the products are high in the terminal distribution rate, consumers can easily purchase products. Can stimulate consumers to buy the random. In this way, the higher the replenishment rate will increase the products in the terminal sales opportunities, improve Pu retail point of the goods rate of this random purchase type products is essential.
Chen: in addition to increase products outside the terminal sales opportunities. Pu has diverted retail shop limited funds and shelf resources. Why do you say that?

The distribution, crowding out retail limited funds. So that the retail store to use limited funds to buy your business products, so you can reduce the purchase of competition.

Second. The distribution is diverted to the retail store shelves co.. At present, the shelf has become a kind of valuable terminal resources, many companies are trying to find ways to make their products placed on the shelves of retail stores, and try to get a larger display area, better display position. Because of the retail store display space is extremely limited, so if you occupy more of the retail store shelves, also is equal to the diverted to the terminal position of competitors so you do not seize more opportunities for sales of the?

Moderator: in addition to the previous points quite to the outside, I think the distribution itself also has the efficacy of AD. It is because the implementation of the sales of trade, to make the product on display in the retail terminal, to make the product has the opportunity to contact with consumers and communication, not to help improve the visibility of the product?

Product itself is the best advertising. That is to say, the replenishment itself with advertising effect, and compared to the mass media, cost 4 low also can the more accurate and more effective influence of target customers.

No distribution, no sales

No distribution, no sales

Moderator: marketing is the most important issue is to solve the problem of consumer products and meet the, then ask for so that consumers are willing to buy, and replenishment is marketing activities to solve the first problem, that is, to solve the problem of consumer products and meet.

As we all know, the listing of new products must first solve the problem of distribution, which has become the most basic knowledge of marketing, product distribution for the listing of new products is a necessary work, in addition, replenishment is not just in the listing of new products use more, sometimes the old product also replenishment to improve terminal meet rate.

The terminal of the shelf resources limited, new products and endless, although the replenishment is very important, but did not you blame replenishment can the goods smoothly laid down. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, product awareness is not high, the promotion expenses of the enterprise is very limited, terminal distribution always meet a lot of resistance. Today we’ll discuss the problem of terminal distribution.
Whether the goods Pu products are very important for new products or old products, it is an essential work of the. For example. When the products go on the market, need to use the distribution to create opportunities to meet with consumers. When the product is gradually entering the mature stage, the need for increased sales by distribution; when the product into the decline stage. To enhance the terminal meet ratio through replenishment; in the off-season into the season and need replenishment to seize the terminal base; in the season into the off-season, or to through distribution to Paul in the long off-season products display.

Because if your product replenishment is not in place, replenishment rate is low, so your products can not be more and consumers meet, sales opportunities also impossible, product in the warehouse is unable to produce sales opportunities.

Products only occupy the terminal point of sale, and consumers meet, it is possible to buy. It is for this reason. The primary task of the sales job is to put the product on the shelves, so that consumers can easily buy; not only that, but also try to increase the display of products in the retail store, increase the exposure of the product, so that consumers can easily see。

If consumers want to buy, then the business will lose the opportunity to sell. One of the means of promoting the sales of the enterprise. Is to increase the intensity distribution, improve the product in the terminal point of sale distribution rate.