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High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal

High distribution rate can increase product sales opportunities in the terminal, I think there is a reason, that is high replenishment rate is conducive to stimulate consumers to buy random.

As we all know, the consumer’s purchase action can be divided into the planned purchase and impulse purchase, especially for fast consumer goods, consumer impulse purchase accounted for a large proportion. If the products are high in the terminal distribution rate, consumers can easily purchase products. Can stimulate consumers to buy the random. In this way, the higher the replenishment rate will increase the products in the terminal sales opportunities, improve Pu retail point of the goods rate of this random purchase type products is essential.
Chen: in addition to increase products outside the terminal sales opportunities. Pu has diverted retail shop limited funds and shelf resources. Why do you say that?

The distribution, crowding out retail limited funds. So that the retail store to use limited funds to buy your business products, so you can reduce the purchase of competition.

Second. The distribution is diverted to the retail store shelves co.. At present, the shelf has become a kind of valuable terminal resources, many companies are trying to find ways to make their products placed on the shelves of retail stores, and try to get a larger display area, better display position. Because of the retail store display space is extremely limited, so if you occupy more of the retail store shelves, also is equal to the diverted to the terminal position of competitors so you do not seize more opportunities for sales of the?

Moderator: in addition to the previous points quite to the outside, I think the distribution itself also has the efficacy of AD. It is because the implementation of the sales of trade, to make the product on display in the retail terminal, to make the product has the opportunity to contact with consumers and communication, not to help improve the visibility of the product?

Product itself is the best advertising. That is to say, the replenishment itself with advertising effect, and compared to the mass media, cost 4 low also can the more accurate and more effective influence of target customers.